"Six will do."
The Grave is a level in the game IMSCARED. It is a very important location, as it acts as HER's version of White Face's room. It is known as the "birthplace" of HER and also the site of her death. This area follows the Train and precedes the Parlor.


The grave is divided into two sections - the entrance and the area where HER can be encountered. When the game is opened, before you are in the Grave, an image of her standing in front of you (facing the front) will appear, with the red text, "I AM A LIAR". The grave is located in front of a brick building, whose walls also go along the sides of the level. An iron fence circles the area. Two clusters of the fence will have two text boxes on them, instructing you to go into the files and give yourself a gun/ammo and that six bullets will be enough to kill HER.

After reading the text boxes and going forward, there will be a long black space between the entrance and the main area. The next area has trees all along the sides, and there is a brown path that goes all the way to a grave with the sign "HER" behind it. There are blue puddles on the ground from the rain, which will turn red once HER has risen from her grave. Once reaching the forested area, it is impossible to go back as the player will be blocked by an invisible wall.


After reading the first text box, you should follow its directions; close the game and go into the "imscared" folder on your desktop and open the file "revolver.txt" and change "bullets=0.000000" to "bullets=6.000000" (change the 0 to a 6), then save and close the file. Walking through until you reach HER's grave will trigger HER to speak with you:

"You made me think about life

About appearance

I changed, bit by bit


I really don't like what happened to me

You want this nightmare to end?

Then kill me in front of my birthplace"

By the last 2 sentences, HER will rise out of her grave surrounded by smaller pixelated faces. She will begin to chase the player, whose gun will have appeared. Left-click of the mouse will allow the player to fire. They must do this while fleeing from HER. If HER touches the player, the game will crash and they will have to try again.

Successfully killing HER ends the "BURY HER" section of the game.