Ivan Zanotti (also known as MyMadnessWorks or MyEden92) is an Italian indie game developer, and the creator of the game IMSCARED. He has developed lots of games other than IMSCARED, though they aren't very well known. Not much about his personal life is known. He currently lives in Italy. When attending conventions, Ivan has on occasion cosplayed as White Face via dressing in a black garment with a mask of White Face and carrying a noose. His partner has also cosplayed as HER, complete with a picture frame.


Other games by Ivan Zanotti


  • Zanotti was born on June 8th, 1992. He puts his games on sale to celebrate his birthday.
  • He is a fan of platformer games (particularly MegaMan).
  • He has stated multiple times that he is inspired by Terry Cavanagh, another indie developer who created the Super Hexagon and VVVVVV games.
  • One of the text pop-ups' passwords is "Ivan Zanotti", as shown in the credits after beating the Grave level.
  • Ivan Zanotti uploaded to his twitter one of the first written ideas for I'm scared, it roughly translated to:

"I am cold.

It's cold, here, the cold scares me. And furthermore it's full of sounds. Scary sounds. I want to get you participating of my fear. Do you want to?

The games opens immediately during a match."