Chapter 1 - IMSCARED

Tutorial Area

When the game is started for the first time, you will be tasked with choosing to play in either Italian or English by pressing 1 or 2 respectively.

NOTE: Please do keep in mind that this choice is irreversible and the language cannot be changed once the game has started, unless you remove the game save data. If you chose the wrong language by accident, open up an Explorer window and type %appdata% in the search bar. Afterwards, look for the IMSCARED folder and delete all contents inside of it. This will remove all save data and is necessary for subsequent playthroughs.

When the game allows you to move, take a look at the control scheme by looking to your left. After walking around for a bit, you will see a locked gate. Thankfully, the Gate Key will be on top of a small table near you. Pick up the key and unlock the gate. Walking forwards, you'll be met by a dead end a small Red Flower on the ground. Crouch with CTRL and pick it up. As soon as the Red Flower is picked up, the surrounding fog will be replaced by darkness and an ominous "Now give that flower to me" message will appear. Return to the swing at the start of the level. It should be noted that White Face will replace the control scheme. The game will freeze and then go to black as White Face's laugh is played. The game's normal startup will play and now you will be in the main menu.

NOTE: The main menu will be an integral part of your playthrough. You can keep track of which achievements you have earned thus far and you will also be able to see which stage/level you're currently in. However, keep in mind that the Now Playing screen may be misleading at times.



Car Park:


Basement (Variation 2):

Begin (Variation 2):

Fake End 1:



White Face's Room:

Begin (Variation 3):

White Face's Room:

Fake End 2:

Chapter 2 - BURY HER

Go through the first portion of the game just like you would in the original game.

Begin (Variation 4)

Basement (Variation 3):


Parlor (Variation 2):


Parlor (Variation 3):

Parlor (Variation 4):

Labyrinth (Variations 1&2):

Basement (Variation 4):


Station (Variation 2):




Grave (Variation 2):

Fake End 3:

Chapter 3 - Ivan Zanotti & Take me to the Door

Begin (Variation 4):

Basement (Variation 4):

Market (Variations 1-4):

Begin (Variation 4):

Basement (Variation 4):


Pipes A, B, C:

Door & Flower Choice:

Chapter 4 - Loneliness

Sadness Ending (Variations 1-6):

Loneliness Begin:

Loneliness Basement:

Loneliness Labyrinth:

Loneliness Station:

Loneliness Metro: